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The IHEART Programme

The IHEART Programme

The Mental Health crisis is getting worse - not better despite government intervention - from schoolchildren to adults, at home and at work many more people are now experiencing mental health problems, and this issue needs to be addressed proactively right now...

The Mental Health Initiative believes that the IHEART Schools Programme is one of the best responses currently available to tackle the mental health crisis facing our youth. 

IHEART, which stands for Innate Health Education and Resilience Training, is a registered UK charity. Their vision is to catalyse a step-change in how young people perceive their wellbeing and mental health, creating resilient adults and contributing members of society.

  • Over 1500 young people have participated in the IHEART programme in the first year of training
  • 98% of pupils say they would recommend the course to a friend
  • 70% of participants have described the positive impact they have experienced through participation in the programme
  • 33 schools have enrolled in the programme across the UK, Europe, USA, and South Africa
  • 50 teachers trained to deliver the IHEART programme

Curriculum Meets Ofsted and Government requirements

As a proven proactive educational programme it focuses on the fundamental mental wellness – not illness – of our young people. It empowers our young people to better manage their behavioural and emotional challenges, instilling within them the confidence that they can realise their unique potential – their innate resilience – irrespective of current circumstances or the past.

You can see some moving testimonials from pupils and senior teachers here https://iheartprinciples.com/education-and-youth/ 

Who we work with

Individuals. We offer short courses, advanced programmes, one-to-one sessions, and personal development intensives.

Schools and universities. We deliver this proactive educational curriculum that is transforming entire educational environments.

Organisations. Our tailored programmes provide a new and effective way of addressing critical issues such as stress, burn-out, and conflict between individuals and teams.

The IHEART programme enables people to:

– Discover the mental wellbeing and resilience that we all possess
– Understand how their current thinking drives destructive emotions and behaviour
– Address the real issues they encounter on a daily basis
– Use sustainable solutions in their personal lives and educational/work environments

How the IHEART programme works

This structured, high-tech, educational programme is delivered over the course of ten dynamic sessions consisting of a mix of interactive discussions, activities, self-reflection, animations, videos and group exercises.

In part 1 we establish the foundations – which empowers participants with the knowledge that they are naturally designed to deal with whatever life brings. They learn how the mind creates our reality, feeling states, emotions and behaviours and the connection between thought and feeling that drives this reality.

In part 2 – we address the challenges that young people face daily – we look at issues such as stress and anxiety, depression, anger, conflict, prejudice, bullying, and bad behaviour. We also take a close look at the effect of social media on identity and self-esteem,

By the end of the programme participants will have learned how they can navigate their life with greater ease and resilience. They will have found the confidence to make positive changes and discovered what creates the barriers to their ongoing natural resilience and wellbeing.

A solid evidence-based solution

A study conducted and verified by Teradata in 2018 confirms that the IHEART programme made a positive impact on the young people mental resilience and wellbeing that completed the programme.

Anonymous evaluations also reported that 70% of attendees stated they had experienced a “positive change in themselves since completing the programme.”

Click here for more information about this study and other IHEART programme evaluations.

Our professional team of trained facilitators can deliver the IHEART programme into your educational environment.

It would be our pleasure to meet with you in person or arrange a phone call to further discuss how The Mental Health Initiative could deliver the IHEART programme to benefit your school, your staff, and your pupils,