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Stress & Anxiety Management Workshops

Stress & Anxiety Management Workshops

The Mental Health Initiative has a passion for working with people to help them manage their stress & anxiety and experience more of the feel-good factor because we all operate better when we feel good.

The stress and anxiety management workshop is specifically designed for the workplace to help employees cope with stress and anxiety.

Why is stress so bad?

Stress and anxiety are at the root of many commonly experienced mental health Issues, and in today’s hectic world we all face increasing pressure to perform better than ever before. That pressure often turns into stress, and when that stress becomes too much to handle it can result in much more serious issues developing.

Because we never know when something might stress us out and challenge our mental health being proactive and having the skills and tools in place to keep mentally fit and resilient is essential.

Learning how to take care of yourself and be resilient to stress is far easier than dealing with more serious mental health problems further down the line.

The real cost of stress

When stress gets out of control the only option is to get help from a Doctor or Mental Health Team.

Often there are long waiting times to be seen and treated by a mental health specialist, and once seen recovery may include medication and ongoing therapy.

This often results in long term absence from work. Leaving the employer with a choice of managing without the employee, or hiring in an expensive and often underperforming replacement.

And for the employee, it means time off work, or in some cases even dismissal for having a poor work ethic and/or attendance, not to mention the stigma often attached to having a mental health-related issue on their employment record, which may affect future promotion/job prospects. 

And let's not forget that many physical ailments often have a mental health issue like stress or anxiety as their root cause.

So is there a better way?

Yes, and it is so simple - be proactive and educate people about where stress and anxiety really come from, and at the same time give them the knowledge and tools to deal with stress & anxiety before it turns into a more serious mental or physical health issue.

About the workshop

Our innovative, interactive stress and anxiety management workshop teaches people how to recognise and dissolve stress and anxiety on the spot.

We show them how their mind really works, how their anxiety is triggered, and equip them with easy to use effective tools and techniques that can be used anywhere, anytime, even at home with the family.

A proven track record of success

Our Stress & Anxiety Management workshops have already proved very successful in helping people to reduce their stress & anxiety, resulting in reduced absenteeism from work (or school) and getting individuals (particularly those with long term stress issues) back to work in a much shorter time frame than by using conventional methods.

These workshops are delivered as a half day session, either at your premises (as a closed course) or in a local training room (as part of an open course).

In as little as 4 hours we can help people to banish stress and anxiety and become more resilient and confident in their abilities.

Modular workshop programme

The Feel Good Factor Workshop is ideal for small groups of up to 20 people. It is at the heart of our work with groups, and once the basics of learning how to cope with stress and anxiety have been learned and understood participants can attend our other workshops, or sign up for one to one coaching if required.

We also have a full day and two-day workshops that are more in-depth and dive deeper into related aspects of becoming mentally fit and resilient.

Just some of our other workshops:

  • Confidence Building
  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Self Esteem
  • Addiction & Substance Abuse
  • Weight Management
  • Mental Resilience
  • Train the Trainer

Because one size does not fit all we also design and deliver bespoke workshops and training courses specifically tailored to your needs.

For more information, or to inquire about our workshops or one to one stress and anxiety coaching please contact us by calling 0333 577 1662 or email us at help@tmhi.org.uk.