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Stress & Anxiety Workshops in Education

Stress & Anxiety Workshops in Education

It’s now universally acknowledged that mental health issues are being experienced at every level of our education system – even down to primary age.

And not just by the student population.

The role of those involved in delivering that education has become a very stressful one in recent years, and burn-out is now rife throughout the schools, colleges and Universities system.

The solution? Be proactive and give them an insight into how their minds really work and how their stress and anxiety is triggered, and empowers them with easy-to-use effective tools that can be used anywhere and anytime, including at home in  the family environment.

In as little as 4 hours we can help staff and students alike, to banish stress and anxiety and become more resilient and confident in their abilities and their situation

Workshops for lecturers, teachers and support staff

Our Mental Fitness & Resilience workshops have already proved very successful in schools, colleges and Universities at reducing absenteeism and getting individuals, particularly those with long term stress issues, back to work.

The workshops are delivered as a half-day session, either on-site (as a closed course) or in a local training facility (as part of an open course).

They will enable your staff to reduce anxiety, stress and depression, and therefore absenteeism. Staff morale will be greatly increased and the general atmosphere and attitudes in schools is vastly improved, thus reducing stress even further.

Our workshops are tailored to help all levels of staff, from the Headmaster or Dean down to the teaching assistants and support staff, helping them to self-manage their mental wellbeing.

The net result is an increase in staff retention and motivation, cutting the cost of hiring in replacement staff due to mental health issues.

Workshops for Students

Whether it is workload, exam stress or perhaps bullying, the UK’s student population is prone to suffer from high levels of stress and worry.

Astute teachers often spot the signs first. Assignments not done or handed in late, mood swings, depression, anger issues, bullying or being bullied. Even in extreme cases, suicidal ideation surfacing.

For any student to emerge from their time at school, college or university with a worthwhile education and prepared for life, the system and the people running it need to have been mindful of their mental wellbeing and addressed any issues throughout their learning years.

We have specially designed workshops for children aged from 5 years, right up to under-graduates – whatever their age.

Our training courses and workshops span nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

Mental Health Resources for younger children

Our interactive children's mental health resources are highly effective for use with young carers and to raise awareness of bullying.

“I Care…Do You?”

“I Care…Do You?” is our simple, easy to-understand board game designed to raise awareness of the daily challenges faced by young carers. Players choose the role of either a young carer or young person, and each roll of the dice depicts the everyday issues young carers face while caring for a family member or loved one on top of dealing with school, home and social life.

It can be run for you or with some simple training can be delivered by school staff.

Let’s talk about bullying…

Talking about bullying can be challenging. We wanted to find a way to start the conversation and highlight the reasons why some children and young people bully others, or become the target of bullies.

It is easy to focus on the victim of bullying, but without considering why the aggressors act as they do, it’s impossible to solve the problem. So we need to look at bullying in all its aspects in order to make a difference.

Once again this programme is based on a simple, easy-to-understand board game, and with some simple training can be delivered by school staff.

Be proactive and contact us to discuss how we can help you reduce the potential for stress, anxiety and depression in your establishment, and make your staff and students more resilient, happier, healthier and more motivated!

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