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Workplace Stress & Anxiety Workshops

Workplace Stress & Anxiety Workshops

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are at the root of many commonly experienced mental health issues. In today’s crazy world, we all face more pressure than ever to conform and perform. And that pressure is often turns into stress, which in excessive measures can lead to anxiety and depression developing.

MHFA Training may not be the complete answer

There are many Mental Health First Aid training providers doing a great job and helping people to recognise mental health issues via mental health training courses. But, sadly, that doesn't provide for specialist, professional help if support from a mental health 1st aider doesn’t do the trick.

A massive hidden cost

The next step is normally to ‘signpost’ the sufferer to a referral to a doctor or mental health team.

That can often result in long term absence from work, leaving the employer with a choice: manage without the employee and absorb the shortfall in capacity among the other local staff; or hire in, at a cost and with the risk of a sometimes undertrained, underperforming replacement.

Worse case, they finally leave their job, and leave the company with the cost of recruiting and training a suitable replacement while managing the lost capacity as best they can.

Multiply that a few times across the company, and you have a real problem.

A better way

So, is there a better way?

Yes, and it’s simple: Be proactive and educate your workforce about stress and anxiety, and at the same time give them the specific knowledge and tools to deal with stress before it turns into a more serious mental health issue.

In as little as 4 hours we can help your staff to banish stress and anxiety and become more resilient and confident in their abilities and their position

Interactive Mental Fitness Workshops

The Mental Health Initiative runs innovative, interactive workshops that teach people how to recognise and dissolve stress and anxiety on the spot.


  • We teach people how their mind really works,
  • How their anxiety is triggered,
  • Show them easy-to-use effective tools,
  • That can be used anywhere and anytime,
  • Including at home with the family


Our workshops are suitable for all types of employees and learning styles, they are even effective where employees have learning difficulties or English is not their first language.

A Proven track record

Our Mental Fitness Workshops have already proved very successful in reducing absenteeism and getting individuals, particularly those with long term stress issues, back to work.

The workshops are delivered as a half-day session, either at your premises (as a closed course) or in a local training facility (as part of an open course).

To book or find out more about our Workplace Workshops please call us on 0333 577 1662 or email us on help@tmhi.org.uk

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