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Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer

Why not take the training in-house

We appreciate that committing to an ongoing, pro-active mental health & wellbeing programme represents a significant investment. So, training your own in-house trainers may be a more cost-effective way to promote and sustain mental health and wellbeing in your organisation.

Our Train the Trainer programme

We teach a small number of key individuals how to deliver mental health first aid training to others. Our experienced consultants train and mentor your employees throughout the process, showing them how best to teach others to become aware of the psychological and emotional needs of their colleagues. At the successful completion of this course, each participant will be capable of delivering courses internally, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

The training course takes place over five days, allowing the participants time to become familiar with the training material and allowing them time to digest and reflect on the learning process.

While the course structure varies according to the particular needs of your organisation, the basic structure will normally look like this:

  1. Days one and two: Experience our Mental Health First Aid workshop training first, as delivered by our consultants
  2. Days three and four: In-depth training in the principles of Mental Health and Wellbeing, and how the Human Mind really works. This is the same training that we give our own consultants
  3. Day five: Participants deliver a short section of the Mental Health First Aid course, and get peer to peer feedback, as well as having a personal mentoring session with one of our senior consultants

After the training, participants are required to deliver at least one training course under the supervision of our consultants, to ensure that they have reached the required level of competency. We also recommend that a refresher course is attended annually to keep your trainers up to date and their skills well-honed.

Measuring the impact of the Train the Trainer programme

To measure the impact and effectiveness of the training programme we recommend identifying some KPI's to ensure you, and the budget holders, are happy with the outcome and return on investment. For example:

  • The number of employees accessing EAP or other assistance available.
  • The number of absences and speed of return to work.
  • Staff surveys and evaluations following the training courses.
  • Percentage of staff feeling more confident speaking about mental health issues.
  • The number of critical incident forms filled out.
  • Reporting effectiveness of the Mental Health Policy to The Mental Health Ambassador

An outstanding return on investment, whichever way you look at it

We have found that having a Mental Health Policy and having a small pool of trained staff to implement it usually pays for itself in a very short time frame, with the benefits continuing on an exponential basis going forward.

For an informal chat, more information about this programme, or a guide to prices for all our training courses, please call direct on 0333 577 1662 or email us.

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