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MHFA Training in Universities

Mental Health First Aid Training in Higher Education

Most parents and tutors are aware of the stress and strain that students suffer from when attending further education in university. The loss of a students support network that they have relied on for most of their lives can come as a huge shock to them, often their mental health and wellbeing can suffer. Academic pressure, increasing financial debt and the worry of finding a job once they have graduated only serve to increase the pressure they are put under.

Mental Health First Aid skills training

TMHI have designed MHFA courses for everyone that works in, or is a student in a university. Attending these courses gives you the confidence, skills and resources to identify the early signs of mental health issues, offer first aid and point someone to the help that they need. This can help to speed their recovery and prevent a full blown crisis from developing.

After attending one of our mental health first aid courses you will also have the information and skills to look after your own mental health, and also raise awareness about the benefits of mental health and wellbeing to those around you.

Let's talk about Mental Health

We want to promote mental health and wellbeing to as many people as possible, we think that the best place to start is with young people. The key is to raise awareness while they are in a learning environment, and foster an attitude of caring about both theirs and others mental health and wellbeing.

Let's create a future where we all know how to look after our own mental health, and where it is ok to talk about mental health and help people to bounce back from preventable issues.

TMHI MHFA Training in Universities

To find our more about the mental health first aid training courses we run for universities please click on the images below:

Providing Mental Health Solutions For Everyone