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Education Services

Education Services

Help for your Teaching Staff

Teaching has become a high stress, high workload profession.

Many educators are trying to do their best in an increasingly difficult situation. The result is that many teachers and lecturers succumb to high levels of fatigue and even burn out.

Finding a replacement for your key member of staff can be both expensive and frustrating. Our experienced consultants can help you by getting your valued colleague back to work as soon as possible.

We have a number of packages available, and we can also build a bespoke programme if required.

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Help for your Students

Everyone knows that teachers and lecturers suffer from overwork, burn out and stress.

Students also have mental health issues,.

Astute teachers often spot the signs first. Assignments either not done or handed in late, mood swings, depression, anger issues, bullying or being bullied. In extreme cases even suicidal ideation can surface.

If a student is to emerge from their time at school, college or university with a good education, the state of their mental health needs to be addressed.

Our expereinced consultants understand the workings of the young mind and have the tools and skills required to help your son or daughter emerge from stress and poor mental health.

Providing Mental Health Solutions For Everyone