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Wellbeing Retreats

Wellbeing Retreats

The stress and pressure of life can sometimes build up and become unmanageable, the feel-good factor seems to have deserted you, and simply taking a holiday is not enough.

The Mental Health Initiative regularly runs wellbeing retreats where you get the time to relax and regain your composure, where you can take some time to de-stress and get your life back into perspective.

This is time for you to experience some chilled thinking, to regroup and plan for the future, for you, your job or your organisation.

We hold these wellbeing retreats in luxurious locations around the world and can even arrange for you to travel by private jet, arriving in style and comfort. For those that like golf, we usually hold retreats near to some of the best golf courses in the world.

If you are not a golfer then don't give it a second thought, it's not compulsory. There are often many other activities available to help you relax and enjoy your retreat, or you may just like to chill out around the pool.


wellbeing retreats

It's not a holiday...

If all this seems like a holiday, it isn't.

We hold seminars and workshops twice a day so that you go back to your everyday life firing on all cylinders and ready to take on whatever challenges you may face.

If you want to take your life, organisation or career to the next level, meet, mix and build alliances with like-minded people, then this type of retreat is ideal for you.

For more information about Wellbeing Retreats please get in touch via our contact page, email or simply call us on 0333 577 1662 - we would love to hear from you.

wellbeing retreats

One-to-One or Small Group Immersion Days

Immersion days are an extremely efficient way to learn how to get the feel-good factor back in your life.

We hold our one to one or small group immersion days or weekends in luxurious locations around the United Kingdom.

An immersion day consists of two or three intensive coaching, and or mentoring sessions, followed by a time out for absorption and reflection.

These sessions allow you to take your mindset and understanding of mental fitness to new heights, focussing on what is really important without any distractions.

Immersion days are fully client led, specifically designed to help you get the most out of the time you spend with us, they can be held either one to one or in small groups.

For more information about Immersion Days please get in touch via our contact page, email or simply call us on 0333 577 1662 - we would love to hear from you.