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Our young people’s mental health crisis is getting worse

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Society has become acutely aware of this growing crisis but currently lacks sustainable, effective solutions.

The BBC recently reported that schools are paying for urgent mental health support out of their own budgets.

What if this cost could be massively reduced?

What if we didn’t have to wait until our young people are in crisis?

The education system is spending so much of its resources and energy on remedial solutions, but what if we were aware of an approach that could provide a proactive solution that prevented young people from suffering from mental health issues in the first place?

We believe that the IHEART Schools Programme is one of the best programmes currently available to tackle the mental health crisis facing our youth. 

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Get in touch and let’s have a chat to find out how we could help your young people

IHEART – A new approach to mental health and resilience

IHEART, which stands for Innate Health Education and Resilience Training is a proven preventative educational programme which focuses on the fundamental mental wellness – not illness – of our young people.

It empowers our young people to better manage their behavioural and emotional challenges, instilling within them the confidence that they can realize their unique potential – their innate resilience – irrespective of current circumstances or the past.

The Mental Health Initiative uses this tried and tested IHEART curriculum – a high-tech, dynamic, relevant and interactive 10-session programme specifically designed for in-classroom delivery in schools and other educational arenas to enable us to reach and work with young people in their daily environments, to change how they perceive their wellbeing, and, in doing so, to build greater personal resilience.

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